Rrjeti i organizatave të Grave Rome, Ashkali dhe Egjiptase të Kosovës
The Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women Organizations of Kosovo
E kosovake Romane, Ashkaliengre thaj Egipqanengre Djuvlengro Organisacierngri Kedin

Welcome to Rrograek

The Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women Organizations of Kosovo is a network which operates on the entire region of Kosovo, mainly focused in the areas/ municipalities where Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities live. We are committed to help and motivate all activists and organizations that strive to improve the position of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women and the ones that strive for peace and inter-ethnic dialogue in Kosovo and abroad. 

The Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations in Kosovo (RROGRAEK) was established in 2000 as an informal network of organizations and activists from all areas of Kosovo, supported and assisted by OSCE and KFOS, women program in Kosovo. Despite the will and the desire of all network members to continue their activities after a series of trainings and meetings, the network stopped its activities and operations for a certain period time. In December 2006, with the support of UNIFEM (UN WOMEN), Office in Kosovo, in cooperation and supervision of the Kosovar Gender Studies Center the network restarted its activities as a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization with a clear action strategy.

After the formal registration of the network in September 2007, the Network with the help of the KGSC was institutionalized as a nongovernmental organization. KGSC, in the framework of its project “Building Capacities for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women”, with the support of UNIFEM, Office in Kosovo, organized a series of activities for the capacity building of the RROGRAEK staff. Initially, with the help of KGSC, the network developed its strategic plan for the period 2008-2010 and helped the consolidation of the staff and the creation of its Board.  Finally in 2011, NREWOK again with the help of KGSC drafted another strategic plan and the spinoff strategy which helped RROGRAEK to act as an independent institution. Today RROGRAEK has its own offices and has permanent staff which is engaged in different projects and activities. 

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